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Today’s schools are faced with a plethora of challenges from making sure students are fed when they are not on campus, to safety and health concerns and to kids having kids. Creating an environment for students to be successful begins by discovering, understanding, and knowing their critical needs. Based on those critical needs, pathways must be determined to ensure students have the skills necessary to succeed, whether that means they are preparing to attend college or acquire the skills they will need to graduate from high school career-ready. Solving this complex situation will require convening key stakeholders, creating strategies, leveraging resources, and activating the community. In short: a multi-pronged partnership is necessary.

Fall 2019 Raising Highly Capable Kids GraduatesRaising Highly Capable Kids™

Raising Highly Capable Kids is a 13-week course to help parents learn how to raise healthy, caring, and responsible children.  Parents listen to presentations, hold discussions, and engage in activities to help them apply what they learn in their own homes.

Every Child Has Access Resource Guide

Every Child Has Access

True transformation in our education system begins with understanding, and understanding comes from knowing the needs of our student population. The Chamber has created an initiative, Every Child Has Access, to bring those partnerships together in order to meet those individually identified needs.

ECHA Champion Investors:


Career Ready Plus Campus CertificationCareer Ready Plus Campus Certification

Career Ready Plus is a replicable program Longview Chamber of Commerce created to help support elementary campuses.  The transformative work includes leading a multi-faceted team which utilizes the strengths and resources of agencies and organizations in our community. The ultimate goal is to significantly improve literacy levels, as well as scores in core subjects, increase parent engagement, and advance post-secondary career-readiness.

Webinars Addressing COVID-19 Education Issues


The Longview Chamber of Commerce publication, Every Child Has Access, 2018-2019 Edition

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The Pillars of HealthyView

Physical Health

Emotional & Spiritual Health

Financial Health

Career & Workplace Health

Community Health

The Initiative

HealthyVIEW is one piece in the 5 part REACH strategic plan of the Longview Chamber of Commerce


Our annual HealthyVIEW summit highlights one or more of the components of our HealthyVIEW initiative for our business leaders.

Lighten Up East Texas

The 7th annual Lighten Up East Texas regional weight loss challenge! Lose at least 5% of body fat for a chance to win $5,000.

Health Insurance Plan

Are you a small business looking for a new insurance plan? The Longview Chamber of Commerce has an opportunity for you!

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