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Active participation in the Chamber shows your business’ commitment to the growth of our local economy and business community, as well as gaining exposure and making effective connections throughout the Chamber network.

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Chamber R.E.A.C.H. Team

The Chamber R.E.A.C.H. Team is a group of representatives from member businesses who volunteer as an active extension of the Longview Chamber of Commerce staff. Their mission is to cultivate, promote and maintain a positive relationship between the Chamber, our members and the community. R.E.A.C.H. team members meet frequently to discuss the mission of the Chamber and team members will attend every event to connect, refer, and help ensure every member of the Chamber is getting the assistance they need. Participation is available after one year of Chamber membership.

Chamber Board of Directors
The Longview Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors is a group of over 15 business leaders who volunteer their time and expertise in making decisions and strategically directing the future of business in Longview and Gregg County. The Board of Directors meet monthly and support the organization in providing guidance and participating in various committees to positively impact the broad range of business and industry.

Public Policy Committee
The Chamber’s Public Policy Committee is comprised of leading members of Longview/Gregg County’s business community. The Committee is charged with researching issues, collecting input from membership and then advising the Chamber Board of Directors on specific action items if needed. The Public Policy Committee also educates elected officials and the public of the business community’s concerns. Participation is open to all members in good standing.

East Texas Coalition
The Longview Chamber believes in representing the interest of business with government. One of the most effective ways to represent the East Texas region is by bringing the region’s civic and business leaders to lobby the State Capitol on issues impacting Gregg County and the business community. The East Texas Coalition travels to Austin during the State of Texas’ bi-annual Legislative Session on odd numbered years.

Washington D.C. Fly-In
Representing our members with elected officials is a critical role that the Chamber plays. That is why we go to Washington, DC to advocate on our members’ behalf. On even numbered years we partner with our local government as well as business and community leaders to lobby on behalf of a common agenda and exert powerful influence with national policymakers.

Inter-City Visits
The Longview Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors began leading Inter City Visits in 2012. The purpose of an Inter City Visit is to provide  business and community leaders the opportunity to discuss challenges and opportunities our community is facing. The visit also provides an opportunity for interaction among city leaders and facilitates an exchange of best  practices and lessons learned.


Why just buy advertising when there is so much more you can do to develop your company’s brand?

Advertising is great…but so are public relations and community affairs. Sponsoring events and programs at the Longview Chamber of Commerce includes all three branding strategies in one effective multifaceted strategy.

Sponsoring Longview Chamber of Commerce events and programs gives your company the publicity and brand recognition you need in a positive and receptive environment. Business leaders recognize and appreciate companies that help them gain knowledge and make important contacts.

When you sponsor a Chamber event or program, your company benefits from:

  • Brand Association with High Profile Business Events
    Companies that want to be recognized for being industry leaders and community partners welcome the benefits of association with important business events. If your company needs to have name recognition with high income professionals, executives, managers and other influential business decision-makers, Chamber events and programs may be just the answer.
  • Publicity
    Public recognition can’t be purchased – it has to be earned. Fortunately, the Chamber makes it easy to ride on the Chamber’s 90+ year-old heritage. Chamber events and programs are highly publicized…and so are their sponsors. Your company’s brand name is included in collateral materials and print advertising to help you lock in this valuable public recognition.
  • Advertising
    Chamber events are supported with their own advertising campaigns. Exposure in broadcast, print and on-site advertising ensures heightened sponsor brand recognition among a carefully targeted audience of business owners and executives.
  • Access to New Business Relationships
    The one-on-one marketing aspects of Chamber events and programs allow companies to open relationships with dozens of new clients and customers. Of course, these events are also ideal for renewing and strengthening relationships with existing clients and customers

Opportunities for sponsorship open each year during the Total Resource Campaign (TRC). The TRC provides the opportunity for your company to pick from a menu of available sponsorships and plan your commitments in advance for ease of annual budgeting. For more information on how to tap into the Longview Chamber of Commerce’s sponsorship opportunities please contact Stephanie Raudales at 903-237-4013.

Advertising Opportunities

The Longview Chamber of Commerce’s bimonthly newsletter The Longview Progress Report,offers members advertising opportunities.The 16 page full color format presents a fresh look which introduces new features while, ensuring favorite features, including ribbon cuttings, ground breakings and business spotlights. This premier publication is the business source for Longview and Gregg County.

The Longview Progress Report is direct mailed to all Chamber members. The Longview Progress Report is also featured at on our website and distributed through local member locations. Feature articles from the Convention and Visitors Bureau, Main Street, and the Chamber of Commerce will further the strategic plan to communicate how the organization is promoting the community, enhancing the economy, and providing networking opportunities.

Full page, quarter page and half page spots available! For a complete media packet contact Suzanne Brown at 903-237-4003.


Members of the Longview Chamber of Commerce enjoy many opportunities to volunteer at the chamber and reap a variety of benefits volunteering provides. As with everything we do, we ensure that volunteering brings value to each participant, thereby enhancing their membership, strengthening their business and personal skills and raising their visibility.  Volunteers also influence chamber programming and play a vital role in bringing value to all members. 

Benefits of Volunteering

The benefits of volunteering range from direct business to the personal satisfaction of having contributed to a more effective chamber.


Build stronger relationships within the focused group of leader volunteers who serve as the backbone of the chamber. Gain the respect of other members as you help deliver rewarding events. Showcase your talents and develop new skills, such as event planning and implementation. Increase your visibility as other members note your leadership.

Volunteer Leader

Develop leadership skills as well as skills you might not otherwise strengthen in the workplace, thereby increasing your professional effectiveness and value. Garner recognition and respect, and leverage that to build and strengthen relationships that deliver business. Hone your public speaking skills. Attain a level of visibility that sets you apart, allowing you to reap greater value from your membership. 


We promise to work with our volunteers so they will never be overwhelmed by their tasks. We meet that promise through targeted training. Our volunteers receive one-on-one training from the chamber president, executive vice president and other staff members to ensure they are both equipped for and comfortable with their responsibilities. They also enjoy the mentorship of a former committee chair as they transition into their volunteering roles. In the process, our volunteers become better facilitators and stronger leaders while developing skills they can employ in their workplace.

Why We Need You

Volunteers are the backbone of the Longview Chamber of Commerce, enabling us to meet our mission of offering member- relevant committees, providing effective business development training and connecting members with one another. Volunteers not only allow us to hold the multitude of events, programs and training seminars we offer each year but, more importantly, help shape those offerings to ensure they bring value to our members. Our volunteers allow us to offer more quantity and quality than we ever would be able to achieve without them. Our volunteers are as much our partners in our success as we are partners in theirs.

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