Longview Chamber of Commerce events aren’t just about sponsorship; it’s about strategic brand elevation, unparalleled networking, and a chance to position your company as a leader in your industry. Being a sponsor at our events provides a dynamic platform to connect with your community, showcase your brand, and foster meaningful relationships. By aligning your business with these events, you tap into a captive audience of local professionals and consumers, boosting your visibility, credibility, and network. This strategic partnership amplifies your brand’s impact while supporting the local economy, all within a trusted and established network that cultivates valuable business opportunities.

State of Series

  • County – March 20, 2024

  • Economy – June 26, 2024

  • Workforce – September 25, 2024

  • City – November 6, 2024

2022 Annual Banquet

Seize the opportunity to be at the forefront of our 2024 State of Series luncheons with an exclusive sponsorship package. As an event sponsor, your brand will enjoy unparalleled recognition and engagement, setting the stage for an impactful presence.

  • Your brand takes the spotlight with top billing on all event promotions. Imagine your logo showcased on our official Chamber website with a direct link to your company’s homepage. Your presence will extend to engaging H.E.A.R.T Digital Magazine articles, event promotion emails, and captivating e-newsletters. Prepare to shine on social media and in prominent press releases, ensuring your brand resonates with a diverse audience.

  • Secure a reserved table for 8 in a prime location, allowing you to network and celebrate amidst the heart of the event’s excitement. Your corporate signage will adorn the table, accentuating your brand’s prominence and lending an air of exclusivity.

  • Witness your brand’s logo gracing event graphics, solidifying your contribution to the event’s identity. Your company’s presence will amplify the event’s visual narrative, ensuring a lasting impression on all attendees.

  • Brace for a memorable moment as your company receives exclusive verbal recognition from the podium, solidifying your role as a key contributor to this outstanding event.

These sponsorship packages aren’t just an opportunity but a gateway to meaningful connections. Share the experience with colleagues and partners as you collectively engage with industry leaders, decision-makers, and potential collaborators.

Join Us as a State of Series sponsor and transform your brand’s presence into an unforgettable experience. Secure your premier sponsorship today and step into the spotlight that defines success.

Annual Banquet

  • January 30, 2024

2022 Annual Banquet

Are you ready to make a lasting impact on both your brand recognition and your business network? Look no further! We present you with an incredible opportunity to become our esteemed Speaker Sponsor for the upcoming event. Here’s how your brand can shine:

  • Maximize Visibility: Your logo will take place on all event promotions, reaching a
    vast audience through our Chamber website, H.E.A.R.T Digital articles, event emails, e- newsletters, and captivating social media posts. Your brand will be at the forefront of every attendee’s mind!
  • Unveil Your Influence: Imagine the impact of your company’s logo in our event program and slideshow – a visual testament to your commitment to excellence. But the spotlight doesn’t end there. Prepare to stand out with an exclusive reserved table for 8, perfectly positioned for prime engagement. Your corporate signage will attract attention,
    ensuring that your brand resonates throughout the event.
  • Elevated Recognition: Prepare for resounding applause as your brand receives verbal recognition from the event podium. Experience the thrill of being associated with a prestigious occasion!
  • Introduce the Best: The pinnacle of this sponsorship is the chance to introduce our Keynote Speaker. This unique privilege empowers your brand to forge a lasting connection with attendees, positioning your company as a driving force within your industry.

Join us as a Speaker Sponsor and seize this remarkable chance to amplify your brand’s
presence. Let’s create an unforgettable experience together! Contact us today to secure
your spot at the forefront of this remarkable event.

Step into the spotlight with an unparalleled sponsorship opportunity as the Exclusive Reception Sponsor of our prestigious Annual Banquet event. This exclusive reception, set to honor and celebrate the remarkable achievements of the 2023 Chamber Board members, incoming 2024 Board Members, and distinguished Annual Banquet award winners, is also a heartfelt gesture of appreciation to our esteemed Cornerstone Investors. This is your moment to shine, and we invite you to seize it with our exceptional sponsorship package.

  • Spotlight in Every Inbox:

Imagine your logo and a direct link to your company’s website showcased in the electronic invitation sent to our extensive network of Chamber Board members, Cornerstone Investors, and Award winners. Your brand’s presence will be effortlessly integrated into the pre-event excitement, ensuring maximum exposure and engagement.

  • Signage that Resonates:

Stand tall with your company logo prominently displayed on the reception signage, leaving a mark on attendees as they gather to celebrate achievements, network, and connect. Your association with this high-profile gathering will resonate with attendees, underscoring your commitment to excellence.

  • Connect and Engage:

Set the stage for meaningful interactions by showcasing your products or services at a dedicated display table during the member reception. This interactive platform allows you to engage guests personally, forging connections that extend beyond the event.

  • Expand Your Network:

As the Exclusive Reception Sponsor, you’ll have the distinction of inviting eight company representatives to the reception, allowing you to forge connections with key individuals and decision-makers from diverse industries.

  • Dine with Distinction:

Experience the pinnacle of recognition as you and your guests enjoy a reserved table of 8 at the
Annual Banquet, complete with your corporate signage. Your brand will be an integral part of
the evening’s atmosphere, showcasing your commitment to excellence and community


Secure the Exclusive Reception Sponsorship now and become a key part of an event that celebrates achievements, cultivates relationships, and shines a spotlight on your brand.

  • Visual Prominence: Enjoy heightened visibility as your logo is prominently featured on each centerpiece, capturing the attention of every attendee and ensuring your brand is at the center of every conversation.
  • Premium Exposure: As the Table Centerpiece Sponsor, your company name will be featured prominently on event materials, including electronic invitations and programs, amplifying your brand’s presence to a wide audience.
  • Networking Advantage: Receive two tickets to the event, giving you the opportunity to network with key stakeholders, industry leaders, and potential partners while seated at your reserved table.
  • Online Recognition: Your sponsorship will be featured on the Chambe’s website, adding an online dimension to your brand’s exposure.
  • Community Connection: Showcase your commitment to supporting local initiatives by sponsoring a special aspect of the event that enhances the guest experience and contributes to the overall ambiance.
  • Customization Opportunities: Collaborate with our event team to infuse your brand’s color scheme or themes into the centerpiece design, ensuring a unique representation of your brand’s identity. *Must be finalized by 12/01/2023*
  • Sponsorship Acknowledgment: The sponsor will be recognized on the event PowerPoint, showcasing your pivotal role in enhancing the banquet’s aesthetic and ambiance.

Position your brand at the heart of our Annual Banquet by becoming the Table Centerpiece Sponsor. Don’t miss this chance to make a lasting impression while enjoying numerous benefits beyond the event itself. Contact us today to secure your sponsorship and let your company’s logo radiate throughout the banquet!

*Please note that the specifics of the sponsorship benefits and package may be subject to negotiation and customization according to the sponsor’s preferences and the event’s requirements.*

Chamber Spring Classic Golf Tournament

  • TBD March 2024

  • Title Sponsor – reworking

  • Gift Sponsor – reworking

  • Lunch Sponsor – reworking

  • “Bringing Up The Rear” Last Place Sponsor

Seize the opportunity to be at the forefront of our 2024 State of Series luncheons with an exclusive sponsorship package. As an event sponsor, your brand will enjoy unparalleled recognition and engagement, setting the stage for an impactful presence.

  • Official “Bringing Up The Rear” Title: Be honored with the title of official sponsor of the tournament’s last-place team.
  • Commemorative Plaque: The last place team will receive a custom plaque, with your company’s name and logo on it, commemorating their valiant effort to keep the spirit of the tournament lighthearted.
  • Social Media Spotlight: Your hilarious last-place award sponsorship will be documented on the chamber’s social media platforms, bringing smiles to golfers far and wide.
  • Sponsors will receive recognition in the event program as well as verbal recognition during the post-tournament awards.


Embrace the laughter, embrace the fun, and revel in the unique honor of being the official “Bringing Up the Rear” Last Place Sponsor. Your commitment to acknowledging the worst score will have everyone teeing off with smiles!

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