Supporting the Longview Chamber of Commerce’s education and advocacy initiatives provides businesses with a powerful platform to drive positive change within their community and industry. By aligning their brand with these programs, businesses demonstrate their commitment to fostering education, innovation, and informed decision-making. This investment not only enhances their corporate social responsibility profile but also positions them as industry leaders who actively contribute to shaping policies and strategies that benefit their business ecosystem. It offers networking opportunities, elevates their brand’s credibility, and showcases their dedication to driving progress and growth while actively engaging in meaningful conversations that impact their industry’s and community’s future.


LongviewREADS! has been developed by a dedicated team at the Chamber of Commerce, with the goal of emphasizing the importance of mastering reading in the 3rd grade. We strongly believe that reading proficiency is a key determinant of future success, both for individuals and for our local businesses. The Chamber’s objective with the LongviewREADS! campaign is to raise awareness among employers about the situation in our elementary schools. We want to inform them about the organizations actively engaged in helping students with reading and encourage their involvement. Once we have strengthened awareness, our focus will shift to engaging employers and their employees through the LongviewREADS! campaign.


We invite you to be a catalyst of change in our community by sponsoring the LongviewREADS! Campaign. Together, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of local 3rd-grade students, setting them on a path to academic success and cultivating a well-educated community that’s not only beneficial for our youth but also a powerful driver for local businesses.

  • Empower Young Minds: By sponsoring this Reading Campaign, you’re investing in the educational foundation of our future leaders. Your support will provide vital resources and mentorship that elevate reading skills, building a strong educational base that lasts a lifetime.
  • Economic Growth Catalyst: A well-educated community is the bedrock of a thriving local economy. As these students blossom into capable professionals, their skills and talents will contribute to a robust workforce that attracts businesses, fuels innovation, and drives economic growth.
  • Long-Term Impact: Your sponsorship extends beyond the immediate campaign. Improved reading skills pave the way for academic achievement, boosting confidence and setting these students on a trajectory of lifelong learning and success.
  • Brand Visibility with Purpose: Align your company’s brand with a cause that truly matters. Your support will be acknowledged across campaign materials, events, and media, demonstrating your commitment to building a brighter future for our community.
  • Community Partnership: Showcase your company’s commitment to social responsibility by joining hands with our campaign. Your investment not only uplifts individual students but strengthens the bonds that unite us as a community, creating a positive ripple effect that extends far beyond the classroom.

Empower Our Youth, Fuel Our Community's Success – Sponsor LongviewREADS! Campaign today!

Innovation Hub

  • Launching 2025

Step into the forefront of technology evolution by becoming a crucial partner in establishing our cutting-edge Innovation HUB. Your financial support isn’t just an opportunity; it’s a bold move that will shape the future of our tech ecosystem while reaping remarkable returns.

  • Dynamic Coworking Spaces: Picture a collaborative hub where brilliant minds converge, brainstorm, and innovate. Your investment will create state-of-the-art coworking spaces that incubate groundbreaking ideas, fostering an environment where entrepreneurship thrives.
  • Network of Resources: By investing in our Innovation HUB, you’re providing tech entrepreneurs with an unparalleled arsenal of resources. These visionaries will have direct access to expertise from Kilgore College, Longview University Center, the Small Business Administration (SBA), local city authorities, and economic development professionals – nurturing their growth and success.
  • Economic Catalyst: This isn’t just an investment in innovation; it’s an investment in economic prosperity. Your contribution will attract tech startups, create high-value jobs, and stimulate local economic growth, positioning your brand as a driving force behind progress.
  • Unleash Potential: Your investment empowers tech entrepreneurs to transform ideas into reality, pushing the boundaries of innovation. The success stories that emerge from this hub will be a testament to your visionary support.
  • National Impact: As our Innovation HUB flourishes, it will draw attention and relocation from various parts of the country, establishing your brand as a national advocate for technological progress and entrepreneurship.

Seize the opportunity to shape the future of technology and ignite a revolution in innovation. Invest in our Innovation HUB today and leave an indelible mark on the future of Longview and the landscape of technology, entrepreneurship, and economic growth.

To propel this project forward, KC has graciously submitted a $300,000 EDA grant on our behalf. This grant comes with a fantastic opportunity – it requires a 1:1 match, which we are determined to meet. The dollars raised are essential to sustain the operation of the Innovation HUB and realize our vision of a thriving center for innovation, creativity, and collaboration. This is where your support becomes invaluable. We are reaching out to companies and individuals who share our passion for driving economic growth and empowering our community through innovation.

Washington D.C. Fly-In

  • March 2024

It’s essential for local businesses to stay informed about legislative work at the local, state, and national levels. The decisions directly impact their operations, industries, and communities. Understanding policy changes, regulations, and potential bills ensures businesses can proactively adapt, advocate for their interests, and make informed decisions to thrive in a rapidly changing legislative landscape.

Forge the future by taking center stage as a sponsor of our pivotal legislative trip to Washington DC. Your support isn’t just an investment; it’s a catalyst for positive change, propelling your brand to the forefront of meaningful policy discussions.

  • Top Billing Everywhere: Your brand’s prominence is assured with top billing on all event promotions. Your logo will take center stage on registration forms, the Chamber website with a direct link to your company’s homepage, captivating H.E.A.R.T Digital articles, event promotion emails, and dynamic e-newsletters. Experience the reach and recognition that only the capital can provide.
  • Visual Excellence: Your logo will shine on event signage, instantly capturing the attention of all participants as they gather to engage with influential policymakers and decision-makers.
  • Agenda Spotlight: Secure top billing in the event agenda, showcasing your brand as the driving force behind the legislative trip’s purpose and impact.
  • “Duffer’s Delight” Prize: The “Duffers” will take home a unique prize package designed to delight the senses, reminding them that even in last place, there’s something to celebrate. You will have the opportunity to place your company’s marketing materials/business cards in this package.
  • Verbal Impact: Experience the power of recognition firsthand as your brand receives prominent mention during legislative delegation functions. Your company’s commitment will be acknowledged in front of influential elected officials and policymakers.


Empower Change, Elevate Your Brand: Sponsor our Legislative D.C. Trip and solidify your position as a driving force in shaping impactful policies. Your support echoes far beyond this event – it resonates in the policy landscape that shapes our future.

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