Code!Longview is an event that attempts to bring together local companies and regional students to demonstrate the area’s technical prowess and technological skills. By holding this event, we intend to provide young people in the area the chance to investigate computer-related disciplines such as programming, networking, and security.

Fostering Growth For Students By Educating Them On Computer-Related Career Paths

It is impossible to overestimate the significance of exposing young people to this expertise. Due to the growing dependence on technology in many facets of contemporary culture, the next generation must be prepared with the skills required to prosper in a tech-driven environment. By attending Code!Longview, students may learn about the numerous tech-sector job pathways by obtaining critical information from industry experts.

The event is being structured to attract middle and high schools from across the Longview area to come together to build apps, games and much more through the power of code.  There will be workshops to help participants get started.  Plus, the team is working on identifying mentors to continue the conversation.

Build Stuff!

By the end, participants will have built something new and unique!

Learn Skills!

Participants will learn tons of valuable programming skills from workshops and more! There will be an introduction to HTML/CSS workshop designed for beginner audiences. In the workshop, participants will get a brief overview of web design and will design their first basic website.  Tournaments are included and yes prizes will be awarded!

Make Connections!

Over the course of the hackathon, participants will meet fellow hackers and make something amazing together!


There will be tons of stickers provided to cover your laptop with.


Participants will have the oppurtunity to win prizes; iPad, Air Pods, JBL Flip 5, Digital Ocean Credits.


There will be no student fees to join Code!Longview. Food and swag thoughout the event will be provided.


Scouting Future Industry Professionals In The Growing Field Of Technology


Code!Longview also acts as a forum for companies to display their technology and attract top talent, giving students information about job options. By participating in this event, organizations can meet with motivated and qualified applicants with a good grasp of technology.

Overall, Code!Longview is a significant event that helps bridge the gap between school and industry by bringing local companies and students together in an environment conducive to learning and professional growth. This event aims to guarantee that the region’s youth are well-prepared for the future by providing students with the opportunity to learn about the numerous career options open to them in the IT sector and by offering companies the chance to display their technology and attract top talent.

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