Over the years I’ve learned to just smile when people ask, “What is chamber?”  or “Aren’t you part of the city?”.   It is these types of questions that continually have us telling our story. 

Let’s get a few things out of the way so we can get to the Chamber’s WHY!  The Chamber is not part of the City nor are we funded by taxpayers’ dollars.  We are solely funded by our investors, and the members through memberships, sponsorships, advertising, and registration to events. The chamber is an economic development organization, yet we are not LEDCO or compete with LEDCO. LEDCO’s focus is to create and retain primary jobs as outlined on the State Comptrollers website.

What is our WHY?

The Longview Chamber believes in protecting the business climate to ensure businesses can thrive!  We do this through the power of our collective voice influencing policy, decisions, and outcomes.  We have built strong connections with influencers at local, state, and national levels.  We have the ability to convene influencers to solve problems. The bottom line is that we exist to support the interests of our members. That is why we adopted our tagline; Lead People. Lead Prosperity. 

Pull quote:

“When members see that there is a problem that needs to be addressed, they bring it to us and let us advocate on their behalf”, stated Kelly Hall, President/CEO of the Chamber.

Yes, the chamber is the catalytic leader for business and economic growth but I believe it is best to let our is be told by the members.    I hope you enjoy their comments and videos!

Why Join the Chamber?

“I am committed to the Longview Chamber because they are committed to protecting and promoting business! The chamber is my go-to organization”, states Chair–Elect Jessica LaRue, Harbour Smith Harris & Merritt PC.  Check out Jessica’s member testimonial to hear more!

Who is the Chamber?

The Longview Chamber is a group of businesses that supports the interests of its members. We elect our leadership, and board of directors, and collectively we decide what agendas to pursue.  A chamber does NOT create laws, but we do influence pro-business policies by lobbying elected officials from the local, state, and national levels.  We advocate for you!  Mark Robinson, External Affairs Manager AEP/SWEPCO shares, “The Longview Chamber stands beside you and promotes and defends your cause.  The chamber’s job is to promote your business and make our community a better place to do business.”

How Can Joining Help My Business?

Many businesses join for networking opportunities.  You’ll meet other members of your community and form business relationships. Over time, the relationships you build can lead to valuable business partnerships. Plus, if your business ever runs into trouble, you have a network to turn to for assistance.

“If you see an existing issue or proposed legislation that may be negatively affecting your business, you can bring the issue to our chamber,” states Chairman Kevin Hood, President of Texas Bank and Trust.  “We have a great team who has built relationships across the country and has access to resources that can help businesses of all sizes attack the problems they are facing.”

As a business leader, we understand that you’re always looking for new ways to market and grow your business. Joining the chamber can help you do exactly that!

What can You Expect?

When you join the chamber, your business will be listed in the chamber’s online directory, and your business and employees could be highlighted in chamber publications or on our website.

Did you know that joining the chamber can also increase your visibility by developing a strategic partnership with them?  There are numerous win-win opportunities for sponsoring events and marketing your company.  When we invest together, we strengthen our community and your business! 

Plus, did you know that customers think more favorably of businesses that are part of a chamber of commerce and are 63% more likely to purchase from your business in the future? 

Making the Most of Your Chamber Membership

If you decide to join our chamber, the most important thing you can do is be engaged.  Read the emails and publications produced by the chamber.  Share your thoughts and let us know where to mine for additional data to strengthen the positions adopted by the chamber.

Take advantage of cobranding yourself with the Chamber and utilize the valuable tools and perks the Chamber has to offer!

Trivia: Who was the First Chamber?

Did you know the very first chamber of commerce was established in France in 1599?  The U.S. Chamber of Commerce was later established in 1912 and the Longview Chamber was established in 1916.

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