REACH – Sept/Oct 2021 – Total Resource Campaign


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Leading People. Leading Prosperity. Here’s what is inside!

The launch of the TRC and Intercity Visit program a decade ago came just as many in Longview were seeking a more strategic vision

for the city’s future. The TRC empowered Longview businesses to see the Chamber not as a membership organization but a partnership. With intentionality and enthusiasm, we reached across the community with a comprehensive campaign that demonstrated the many facets of an effective Chamber of Commerce. Organizations could see in the TRC specifically how they could partner with the Chamber to advance their businesses and grow the city’s economy. For the first time, many organizations began to see the Chamber as a partner toward success. The Intercity Visit program has equipped stakeholders from across Longview to envision our own future by looking in depth at the experience of other cities. From our first visit to Chattanooga to this year’s visit to Tulsa, the Chamber’s Intercity Visits have helped to define the agenda for Longview’s strategic vision of the future. Whether it’s downtown redevelopment, caring for the homeless, or the arts as quality of life, ideas from our intercity visits are already at work making Longview a stronger community.

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