In addressing the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors this afternoon, Suzanne Clark shared the following sentiment:

“We are in a period of accelerated transformation and face major challenges, changes and disruptions that will reshape our lives, businesses and country,” said Clark. “But change is not a threat; it’s an opportunity. We will lead with bold ideas, take on the big fights and win the future for our members and our nation.”

Suzanne also outlined her vision to advance the U.S. Chamber’s mission to create jobs and stimulate economic growth by setting forth the following immediate priorities:

  • Defeat the PRO Act and Anti-Arbitration Legislation
  • Expand Work in the States and Grassroots Support
  • Lead a Global Forum on Economic Recovery
  • Launch a National Workforce Initiative

These initiatives will build on the work Suzanne has been leading during the pandemic, including:

  • Accelerating the Recovery Through Vaccines
  • Building a Modern Infrastructure

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Business Will Lead the Next American Century: A Blog Post from Suzanne Clark
Suzanne also spoke to how this moment in history demands a bold agenda and ambitious vision from the U.S. Chamber, and how the organization will lead with solutions, take on tough fights, and win the future for our members and the country under her leadership in her latest Above the Fold article—titled Business Will Lead the Next American Century—this afternoon.
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