NCIC Inmate Communications is pleased to announce our 25th Anniversary in providing long distance and inmate communication services!   From our humble beginnings of operating out of our living rooms, we quickly grew an international presence, offering long distance services to travelers in almost 50 countries. In 1997, we started to move into the US payphone market, including phones in jails, expanded to offering long distance services in every state, including providing wholesale services to many of our competitors, such as platform leasing, call center services, regulatory compliance, and billing services.   

In 2005, we began to see a decline in use of our services at hotels and on payphones, so we sold our international division to a competitor and began our transition into exclusive inmate communications. In 2007, we built a new inmate telephone platform that was more robust than our old platform and began offering inmate telephone services on a wholesale basis. In 2010, due to rapid market expansion, we started selling directly to jails and have built that to a base of approximately 750 jails and prisons in 8 countries. In 2019, we officially launched our own video visitation (Facetime) and messaging platform with Pushmataha County Jail in Oklahoma and Gregg County in Longview, Texas as our live test sites and have built it to be a robust, industry-leading system!

We are pleased to say we have had a controlled and steady growth for the past 10 years and have grown to over 110 employees with help from our customers and industry partners. 

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