Longview, TX based PrimeCare Managers, an Accountable Care Organization partnered with Medicare, has been working to provide better quality coordinated care to East Texas Beneficiaries while reducing costs since 2017.

Today, Medicare published PrimeCare’s 2019 performance results saving Medicare and taxpayers $6.3 million. “We are proud to be a part of improving the health of our senior population in East Texas at a time when it’s needed more than ever,” said John Ford, president, and ACO stakeholder. “We are fortunate we have had safety nets in place during this pandemic”

“The days of fragmented care are almost over thank goodness,” says Ford. On average seniors have 35 different providers involved in their care each year. That’s 35 different medical records, that are not tied together and coordinated, it’s inefficient and disorienting.  Coordination strategies that ACOs provide are proving to be a critical component in the future of healthcare across all payer types including Medicare, Medicaid, and the private commercial market.

Prime Care Managers results put them in the top 18th percentile nationally by CMS. “We rank 87 of 475 ACOs nationally,” says Ford.  This status is attributed to many factors that contribute to PCM success, including Enhanced Quality Performance Measures, Vetting Collaborative Partners, and Promoting Interoperability to allow easier access for patients to their health information as well as access to telehealth services.  “To put it simply, we find the patients who need our help most and find innovative ways to engage with them at a higher frequency. It is a win-win”.

ACOs, like PrimeCare, continue to deliver better quality performance. “Businesses who may be seeking to lower health care costs should look at ACOs as business partners,” says John Ford. The PrimeCare Network includes many provider partners in the area from PhyNet Health System, The Diagnostic Clinic of Longview, and 13 other independent area physician groups in East Texas and Southern Arkansas. In 2020, PrimeCare added the Collom and Carney Clinic in Texarkana increasing the PrimeCare network to over 250 physicians.

“Since January of this year our Beneficiary growth has surpassed 20,000,” says Daniel Duffee Director of ACO Development”. “The successes achieved by Prime Care Managers in 2019 demonstrates the right combination of population health strategy, technology, organization support, clinician and patient engagement,” says Dr. James Sawyer, Chief Medical Officer for Primecare. “As we transform how we deliver care, accountable care and strategic partnerships are the driving force behind transforming health care, and the result is healthier populations,” says Dr. Sawyer.

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