Texas Workforce Commission Lunchtime Live
October 1st: Click here to REGISTER
COVID-19 Paid Leave-Related Laws
Privacy in the Workplace
Unemployment Claims and Employer
Chargeback Liability
Payroll Tax 101 discussion

October 15th: Click here to REGISTER
Unemployment Claims: General Overview for Employers
Unemployment Taxes: Chargeback and Reimbursing Employers
Best Practices for Maintaining a Safe Workplace
Payroll Tax 101 discussion

November 5th: Click here to REGISTER
Policies and Procedures during COVID-19
Allowable Workplace Health Screens & Medical Exams
We Hire Vets’ Recognition
Payroll Tax 101 discussion

November 19th: Click here to REGISTER
Labor Market Update 
TWC’s Shared Work Program
Managing Employees Working Remotely
Payroll Tax 101 discussion

December 3rd: Click here to REGISTER
Workers’ Compensation and Covid-19
Civil Rights in the Workplace
Governor’s Office of Economic Development
Employer Commissioner Update/Deadline dates for end and beginning of the year

December 17th: Click here to REGISTER
Employer Recognitions
2 – 30-minute Keynote speakers  

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