We are working with the Graduate! Network to aid employers, employees, learning providers and other community stakeholders to better understand and meet the challenges needed to obtain a skilled and educated workforce.  The Graduate! Network leads a national effort to increase college completion among adults. To fully access their resources we need your help by completing a 15-minute survey.   Your  participation in the survey will allow us to:

1. Assess – Assess our business community’s education and talent gap needs.

2. Engage – Engage interested employers with customized strategies to help them understand their return on investment.

3. Drive Results – Drive results for our community stakeholders through data-driven partnership development.

As a region, we must take a deeper look at the existing needs/opportunities of our area businesses and organizations. By collecting critical data, we can improve on aligning businesses with our higher-ed navigator, Kilgore College.  We know, by utilizing the tools of the Graduate! Network we will improve collaboration amongst our region’s economic development organizations and local workforce development boards.  We also will be able to create a seamlessly integrated delivery system to provide college educational opportunities whether it be a two (2) or four (4) year degree to working adults. 

The Longview Chamber believes we have a shared responsibility to identify potential candidates and build a triage support base that allows these adults to utilize the guided pathways already in place with Kilgore College, LeTourneau University, Texas State Technical College, and UT Tyler/Longview.   Your participation in this important survey will allow us to apply the community roadmap and receive support from The Graduate! Network. I believe the Longview trade area can bridge the talent gap, yet we cannot do it alone!  We need you to complete this 15-minute survey to advance our region’s economy.

Thank you in advance for your support!!

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