Kelly Hall
Kelly Hall

Dear Investors,

It saddens me to once again be sharing updates that may impact your business negatively. The news this week out of the Governor’s office has been concerning and today’s executive order has heightened awareness about the apprehension over the growing number of COVID cases. While the Governor stated Wednesday closing our state will be a last resort, today’s orders have businesses once again asking how the renewed restrictions will impact my businesses bottom line. EO-GA-28 reinstitutes the closure of bars and reduces operating capacity to 50% for many businesses, including restaurants and amusement parks. Importantly, neither childcare facilities nor youth camps are required to reduce capacity. Detailed checklists remain available on the Governor’s website.

The past several months has tested us in ways like never before. The growing number of COVID cases and hospitalizations coupled with civil unrest and high unemployment has many on edge. That is why I am asking for your help! Each of us must determine how to be a good steward and encourage one another. We need to listen, ask questions to gain understanding. We need to provide comfort and help those in need. Now is not the time to expect others to step up and lead. It is time for each of us to step and lead!

Leadership, for some, may mean getting out of our comfort zone. My next request is one of prayer. Pray for healing, pray for those who have lost jobs, pray for how you can be used for good–to help someone in need, and pray for unity. Last week, our County Judge, Bill Stoudt, set a great example by inviting pastors from across our community to come together and pray. Now, he is asking us to come together to pray tomorrow night at 5:30pm on the Courthouse lawn or wherever we feel safe.

We are a diverse community, representing hundreds of backgrounds and cultures, and all levels of society and wealth! As a believer, I hope you will join my husband and I as our community comes together to pray for health, peace, and unity. Together, we can have the same attitude toward everyone around us and we can live sacrificially to build each other up. Let us not forget Christ’s second greatest commandment, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’; Matt. 22:37b.

Yes, these are strange and difficult times and I believe much good can occur as we look beyond ourselves and seek to lift each other up. I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, Saturday, June 27th at 5:30pm on the Courthouse lawn. You may not see the smile on my face (due to the mask) but you will see the sparkle in my eye as joy fills my heart because I know you care!

Together We Are Stronger,

Kelly R. Hall, CCE IOM MSL
410 N Center St Longview TX 75601

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