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NetworkIP Provides Free Audio Conferencing in Response to COVID-19 Crisis

Longview, TX (April 15, 2020) – As a member of the East Texas business community for over 20 years, NetworkIP is pleased to share its JustMeet audio conferencing service to area businesses, organizations, churches, and schools in response to the COVID-19 crisis. The service is unlimited and free for 30 days. With this resource, employees working from home and anyone social distancing themselves may stay better connected.

JustMeet is designed as a simple solution for meetings and connecting people when just voice is needed. It can be used for keeping employees in-sync, meeting with clients or suppliers, enabling school-related get-togethers, and ensuring that small church groups and classes stay connected. With no app download or special equipment required, up to 50 participants can join a single conference call from any mobile phone or landline, at any time.

“In this unprecedented pandemic, it is of the upmost importance for businesses to remain connected, even while practicing safe social distancing,” said Pete Pattullo, NetworkIP’s Chief Executive Officer. “As we strive to adjust and keep up with our changing reality, JustMeet offers the simple solution without everyone having to learn a new technology to simply just meet. If you can make a phone call, you can use this service.”

JustMeet’s 30-day free offer is available with code JMETX starting April 15, 2020. To sign up, go online at

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