Leadership Longview, an award-winning Longview Chamber of Commerce program, has graduated over 1400 leaders in its 38 year history. A newly formed Leadership Longview Alumni Committee is dedicated to bringing those graduates and community leaders back together for networking, professional development, “Behind the Scenes” tours and community giving opportunities. A group of 11 Leadership Longview graduates, led by Committee Chair Allyson Bock, are passionate about the impact Leadership Longview has on the community and see endless possibilities in re-energizing the Alumni program. The Committee is excited to redefine what it means to be a member of Leadership Longview Alumni. 

“Leadership Longview has been a passion of mine since I graduated from the program in 2014. I have been heavily involved with the resurgence of the program itself by formalizing its curriculum and processes as well as restructuring the leadership team to allow generous volunteers to work to their strengths for the good of the program. The program has grown tremendously and we can undoubtedly say Leadership Longview is an unprecedented leadership development program as well as an essential resource for our community. Utilizing similar techniques, I now feel called to tackle the Alumni program. I am very excited about what the future holds for all of our amazing LL alumni! The possibilities and potential are endless, and I am hoping we can all come together and give it the “jump start” it needs to be successful,” Allyson said proudly.

The Alumni Committee is supported by Chamber staff member Dave Jochum, also a Leadership Longview graduate. Dave, who has also long envisioned a thriving Alumni program, brings a magnitude of leadership expertise to the committee. Dave is excited to see the Alumni program transformed saying, “Our Chamber of Commerce believes in the importance Leadership Longview because we believe in Longview and we know that developing leaders for the future of Longview is critical to success. Our desire with the alumni program is to take some of the energy and excitement of Leadership Longview, see it continue and see it make a greater impact in our community.”

On behalf of the entire Leadership Longview Alumni Committee, we hope the graduates of Leadership Longview that make up this esteemed group of Alumni are ready to be reconnected, informed and inspired. Annual Leadership Longview Alumni dues are unchanged for 2019-2020 and remain $75/year. Details on Alumni events such as networking lunches, professional development opportunities, community projects, tours and more are COMING SOON!

The Leadership Longview Alumni Committee members are:

Alumni Committee Chair: Allyson Bock, Prosperity Bank, LL Class of 2014

Outreach Chair/Coordinator: Linda Martin, Conterra, LL Class of 2009

Event Planning Co-Chair: Leisha Kidd-Brooks, City of Longview, LL Class of 2016

Event Planning Co-Chair: Justin Landrum, LL Class of 2019

Operations Chair/Coordinator: Aaron McFatridge, McFatridge Group, LL Class of 2019

Marketing Committee Chair: April Barker, KSA, LL Class of 2016

Fundraising Committee Co-Chair: Ashley Hernandez, Texas Bank & Trust, LL Class of 2019

Fundraising Committee Co-Chair: Tracy Vincent, Conterra, LL Class of 2012

Guidelines Committee Chair: Dawn North, Prosperity Bank, LL Class of 2019

Research & Development Committee Chair: Susan McDaniel, Community Health Core, LL Class of 2019

Chamber of Commerce Leadership Longview Advisor: Dave Jochum, LL Class of 2015

For more information about Leadership Longview or Leadership Longview Alumni search for Leadership Longview on Facebook, visit www.longviewchamber.com or contact Dave Jochum, DJochum@longviewtx.com, 903-237-4023. 

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